The Alderney Bird Observatory was established in March 2016 and is the only active Bird Observatory in the Channel Islands.  We need your  support in order ensure the observatory grows to fulfill the incredible potential it has already demonstrated –


ABO Warden John Horton giving one of his popular talks at the Alderney Museum

Founder Membership

We need to raise £37,500 to equip and run the ABO for the first two years. John Horton, the warden, is undertaking the role voluntarily for these first two years until the ABO pays its own way.

Our Founder Membership scheme reflects the fact that many of our supporters will want to be part of this exciting phase of the ABO’s inception and secure its long-term future. Founder members’ names will displayed in the ABO and will, of course, be welcome to drop into the ABO and see how we are doing!

Founder membership:

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Ordinary Membership

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A range of higher level corporate membership options, with enhanced benefits, are available upon request.

Alternatively you can make a donation to the ABO via Paypal using the button below:

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The ABO is part of the Alderney Wildlife Trust, however, it maintains its own unique membership and we very much hope you will join.


Member’s recieve the following privileges:

1. A copy of the ABO Annual Report (supplied digitally);
2. A copy of the quarterly email update;
3. Access to discounted accommodation and events at a minimum discount of 10%;
4. Any other privilege approved by the ABO Sub-Committee and ratified by the Board of the AWT.