Welcome to 2017 – at the Channel Island’s Bird Observatory

We’re looking forward to another interesting year at the ABO, and scarily its only 2-months to got till the start of this years migration!  So In a final goodbye to 2016 please enjoy this short film summing up the year here at the ABO and AWT.


The full extent of what was seen at the ABO in 2016 is being compiled in the first Annual Report, due out in a few months time, with the highlights including:

  • 13011 Birds ringed
  • 79 species ringed
  • 23 new species added to the Alderney ringing list
  • 183 bird species recorded this year
  • 5 species added to the list of the birds of Alderney.

In 2017, with 2 Assistant Warden posts to fill and Migration Assistants to find, it could well be we discover a whole lot more!  However, the ABO will also be using the new records to support changes in the Alderney Wildlife Trust’s active management on the island for the first time.

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The ABO team watching dawn over Longis Bay from the ramparts of the Nunnery.

ABO is fortunate to be based in ‘The Nunnery’, the oldest standing building in the Channel Islands and the best preserved Roman small fort in the British Isles.  Being of huge historic importance, the plan is to develop it into a publically accessible heritage site for the benefit of Alderney, which will also house the ABO and  Field Centre.

We are running two membership schemes  – the Ordinary Member scheme and we are inviting people to be part of this exciting new venture by joining as a Founder Member to help firmly establish the observatory.  John Horton, who as warden will be heading the development of both ABO and the Field Centre, has generously agreed to undertake the warden’s role in a voluntary capacity for the first two years to get the project up and running.

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The Nunnery seen from across the Longis Nature Reserve which it adjoins.

The Nunnery, temporary home of the ABO, was refurbished as an 18th century gun battery then served as barracks, hospital, married quarters and farm. Finally it was converted to Resistance Nest ‘Piratenschloss’ by the Germans and there are a network of bunkers and machine gun posts (without guns!) in the Nunnery garden. Until recently it has been let as three residential accommodation units.

Work will continue for many years into the future to better understand the nearly 2,000 years of occupation.

Please consider making a donation to support the ABO or why not become a MEMBER and help shape its future.

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