A couple of weeks ago we received a call from a local resident who had a surprise visitor in her office! This beautiful female Barn Owl was of fledging age (or very close to). Matt and I attended the private home and rescued the owl (and the resident) both of whom had been equally surprised but none the worse for the experience!
The young Barn Owl, in tip top condition was ringed and returned to her nearby nest at dusk where she keenly re-joined her siblings.
We are delighted to report that all the young Barn Owls from this nest have now successfully fledged, and having ringed this female we may gain some insight into her future life and travels.
At present there is no research information concerning the movements of fledged Alderney Barn Owls, it is likely that when the youngsters leave their parents’ territory they head across to the nearby French coast or possibly there may be some transference with the other Channel Islands. Photo JH