Staying in Alderney

Alderney truly is a very different and special place to visit with a great range of accommodation.  For details see VisitAlderney.

One of the great advantages of Alderney and the ABO is that whilst offering what we believe is one of the best locations to experience both Spring and Autumn migrations, and having some of the most important seabird populations in southern Britain, Alderney is also rich in visitor facilities.

Whilst you are never more than 10 minutes walk from blissful isolation, be it on the cliff top heathlands, the pastures of the Blaye or coastal grasslands of Longis, Alderney also has a wide range of accommodation, restaurants, clubs and societies.  So when you are not out in the open hunting for the latest arrival, you can relax and unwind.

To find out more about Alderney and what it has to offer go to VisitAlderney.